Khecari supports the on-going artistic inquiry of Julia Rae Antonick and Jonathan Meyer and presents their work.

Khecari is a Chicago based contemporary dance company that strives to fully sustain the creative process and endeavors of its artistic directors and collaborating artists through offering original works of dance savored for their power, idiosyncrasy, and resonance.
Our explorations use somatic investigation to generate choreography that engages viscerally and intellectually.  We craft journeys into worlds that offer a re-envisioned, immersive theater experience.  Investigating the functions of perception as well as movement, we challenge and reward our audience through stimulating work that embraces ambiguity, liminality, and transformation.
We are committed to rigor and care in our craft and to our continued growth as artists, to creating a safe environment that provides professional growth and equal compensation to collaborating artists, and to providing an enlivening and enriching performance experience that engages each audience member physically, intellectually, emotionally, and aesthetically.

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