Sam Virgilio is a producer, choreographer, dancer and performance artist who uses movement analysis as a means of exploring trends within human behavior and the concept of ‘queerness.’ Sam works in their administrative and creative endeavors to form connections between different mediums of art in order to create a full enveloping experience for the mind and body, constantly challenging what we perceive and process about ourselves and our surroundings. Sam has worked administratively with Links Hall, Florida State University School of Dance, Walkabout Theatre Company, and Level Dance Company (Florida). Sam is the founder of Blue Fire Dance Collective and the Trapping Butterflies Project, a community arts initiative that travels the country raising awareness about domestic violence through the movement-based exploration of true stories from survivors, victims, and loved ones. This initiative also provides resources to victims and loved ones, such as Ashley’s Safe Pack ®,  and raises funds for local shelters. Sam also performs with Joel Hall Dancers, trains/performs as a circus artist, and teaches a series of non-binary movement classes throughout Chicago.