Khecari is an Arts Partner with the Chicago Park District, in residence at Indian Boundary and Revere Parks.

Our foundation, government, and corporate supporters include:

The MacArthur Funds for Arts & Culture at the Richard H. Driehaus Foundation, the Gaylord and Dorothy Donnelly Foundation, The Elizabeth F. Cheney Foundation, The Reva and David Logan Foundation, The Morrison-Shearer Foundation, The Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events, and NewLeaf Natural Grocery.  Touring support is provided by Links Hall’s Midwest Nexus Touring Exchange.

Very special thanks to our many donors over the years:

Lauree Hersch Meyer, Paul Trefzger, Dave Hersch, Jeff Meyer & Cathy Mowry, John & Joyce Cassel, Joel Meyer & Victoria Arrivillaga, Olivia Collins, Kurtz & Reva Hersch, Jerry & Lydia Trefzger, Elsa Meyer Gervers, Nancy Faus Mullen, Lynn & Matt Hughes, Warren & Ruth Groff, Mary Brandenburg, Ginger Farley & Bob Shapiro, Dick & Dolly Toenjes, Sarah Malone, Kenneth Edwards, Larry & Nancy Ulrich, Ann Mitrakul, Hemant Tagare & Lisa Berlinger, Nancy Hersch Ingram, Julie Hacker & Stewart Cohen, James Wassenberg, Kathryn Pollak, Kristin Liszkowski, Claire Osgood, Nora Sharp, Duncan Reilly, Carole McCurdy, Ceci Morales, Christy Uchida, Nevin Hersch, Joe & Carol Weaver, Jeannine & Duane Steiner, Sandra Shifrin, Drew & Carol Morgan, Scott Lundius, Ann Overbeck, Susan Burbank, Duane Grady & Bev Weaver, Doc & MJ Shuler, Steve Coates & Jean Fulton, Denny Joann Fernald, Vera Levison, Gay Cheney, Illana Naylor, Richard & Barbara Cargill, Elizabeth Stein, Stephen Hersch, Mary Jo Weaver, Steve Sheblessy, Patricia Overbeck, Shirley Mordine, Mary Czelusniak, Karen Todd, Liz Jenkins, Tom & Nancy Henthorn, Jerry Case, Adam Telengater, Richard Spera, Elizabeth Shuler, Patricia Ripley, Melanie May, Lois Gehr & Lowell Livezey, Paul Hersch, Steve Dunlap, Dale & Lois Brown, Robin & Sue Antonick, Matt Allman, Amy Ornee, Anna Drozdowski, Nana Shineflug, Bill & Nancy Coates, Ken Hughes, Jamie Sciullo, & Steve Lowe.

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