Khecari supports the artistic inquiry of choreographers Julia Rae Antonick and Jonathan Meyer and presents the work they create in collaboration with artists in dance, music, design, and other media, to offer live performed art that challenges, engages, and focuses. Khecari advocates for the essential role of art within society, of dance within the arts, and of all artists working within the dance ecosystem.


Julia Rae Antonick

Artistic Director / Executive Director

Jonathan Meyer

Artistic Director / Executive Director


Art is vital. We engage art as a fluid, undefined, questioning and questing force in society.

The body is vital. Live performance connects us to our lived, physically grounded reality.

We believe in somatic education. We believe in the value of pain for growth. We believe in stepping out of the quotidian to find a greater range of possibilities. We believe in an audience active and engaged, drawn into their own proprioception, feeling their full aliveness. We believe that aesthetics are how values show up in the work.

Our goal is to develop the consent and trust to create safe space for the critique that might be at times difficult, but vital to growth. We seek to practice integrity with our audience, our collaborators, and all whom we engage. We value all individuals and all bodies equally. We believe in compensating all collaborators equally, artistic directors included. We create work to be accessible to all audiences, especially financially, while at the same time advocating for and educating about the true cost and worth of live performance.


We feel it is crucial to pay all our artists equally and to keep shows financially accessible. In truth, dance ticket sales cover roughly 20% of production costs. The rest is realized through individual donations and grants.

In order to advocate for the true worth of live performance, we created a ticketing structure to demonstrate the actual costs:


In this way a full price ticket shows the price at which no fundraising would be needed. While we encourage those who can afford it to support live performance at this level, we also are active in our grant writing and fundraising efforts in order to offer subsidized tickets to the public. Therefore a given show might have tickets available for $10, $25, $75, $150, and $300.


Khecari is based in Chicago, and is an Arts Partner in Residence at Indian Boundary and Revere Parks. The region was historically a crossroads whose inhabitants included the Saux, Fox, Miami, and Potawatomie. Through military invasion and subsequent treaties, the Potawatomie were made to cede the land. The name “Indian Boundary” references a line drawn by the 1816 Treaty of St. Louis, which ethnically cleansed the lands southward. While many native people continued to live in Illinois, and many others immigrated here from elsewhere, the state has had no reservations nor official tribes since the 1833 Treaty of Chicago.

We recognize that the fact that this land is now available for our use is a result of this history. We are engaged in an ongoing, in-progress dialogue on how best to name and speak to honor the history of the peoples who lived here, to recognize the colonialist tragedy that befell them, and to recognize the ongoing presence of native people in Chicago. We welcome and invite dialogue and debate about this issue in general and how we are seeking to address it. For more information about this movement visit U.S. Department of Arts and Culture. #HonorNativeLand


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Khecari is a 501c3 organization. We are a community of artists and audience, donors and volunteers, partnering with foundations and community organizations. We are run by a board. Please contact us if you are interested in joining the board or would like further information. Non-profit organizations’ records are always publicly available.

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