Khecari creates dance works furthering the transformative power of live bodies witnessing live bodies and advocates for the essential role of art within society, of dance within the arts, and of all artists working within the dance ecosystem. Supporting the artistic inquiry of choreographers Julia Rae Antonick and Jonathan Meyer, Khecari presents the work they create in collaboration with artists in dance, music, design, and other media, to offer live performed art that challenges, engages, and focuses the power of attention.



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Khecari is a 501c3 organization. We are a community of artists and audience, donors and volunteers, partnering with foundations and community organizations. We are run by a Board of Trustees. Please contact us if you are interested in joining the board or would like further information. Non-profit organizations’ records are always publicly available.

Scott Lundius

Heather LaHood

Jonathan Meyer

Julia Rae Antonick


The BYOBoard is a group of individuals committed to furthering Khecari through surplus resource contribution, ambassadorship, community, and hard work. Based on principles of alternative/community/sharing economies, the BYOBoard personifies prosperity as deep community action vital for a thriving artistic company in today’s funding, presenting and political landscapes. This community of supporters bring their own unique assets to support Khecari as they are able and willing without the strict expectations that the Board of Trustees flourishes under. BYOBoard Members contribute as best suits their interests, experience, and resources without overdrawing their current time and capacity. Some examples of BYOBoard contributions are teaching a pro-bono movement practice, co-hosting a fundraising party, lending use of a pickup truck, volunteering cleanup after an event, providing a therapy session to artists on a project, or putting out social media invites for a show to their friends. Members commit to one such contribution per year (and are welcome to do more), and agree to being emailed with requests when Khecari is seeking something specific (with the understanding that Members can always say no to further commitments).

Current BYOBoard members are Lauree Hersch Meyer, Lauren Kunath, Kate Fiello, Anna Minkov, Michael Macdonald, Ali Lorenz, Emma Casey, Katie Call, Amy Ornee, Precious Jennings, Maggie Kast, Julia Antonick, Jonathan Meyer, Chih-Hsien Lin, Luke Greeff and Muffie Connelly.

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