Chih-Hsien Lin, a native Taiwanese, is a dancer, movement philosopher and creator, and an EMDR-trained clinical professional counselor specialized in dance/movement therapy and somatic approaches, currently working with lovely humans at her solo practice Embodied Way Psychotherapy. Over the arc of her career both artistically and clinically, she has worked extensively with a diverse population, including survivors of domestic violence, childhood abuse, trauma/C-PTSD; anxiety; depression; cultural adjustment; self-worth; children with various needs; artists of different cultural and discipline backgrounds; artistic engagement of a variety of scales, intentions, and development. As an immigrant artist, Chih-Hsien works passionately with an integrative and authentic sense of self and movement directions. She forges continuous collaborations into inclusive embodiment and emotional experiences in her own being and dance making; her movement language reflects a rich cultural bearing from traditional Asian ethnic dances and martial arts to a vast array of somatic modern integrations. She creates circular worlds of kinesthesia, juxtaposition, and reflection, elucidating the subtlety, complexity, and fluidity of living. Open Diary – 100th Day Offering is Chih-Hsien’s most recent dance brainchild, exploring the most common human experience of grief, Otherness, home, witnessing, blessings, and the intersection between language, movement, psychology, and human ecology. As a therapist, Chih-Hsien believes that trauma heals in relationships, and by engaging in embodied realities it can bring wholeness and truthfulness in processing pain and struggles. She also values the differences and uniqueness in people.