is two female bodies enmeshed in intimate impetuosity, demarginalizing themselves in theatrical space.

This space of tender temerity often suppressed in the flourishing of women’s relationships is engaged as a reclamation of the aestheticized or exoticizing gaze. It is an invitation to explore the marginalized complexity of female rapport, the scrawled commentary of accord and dissent by women addressing the official text of subjectification and objectification, sexualizing and desexualized, demonizing and domesticating.

Following the bottom-up organization of a material-driven process, this piece is currently making space for the emergent structure to manifest. Marginalia values the impulses of cells and fluids as highly as the nervous system. With a commitment to somatic equality – all aspects of the body are equally vital, just as are all element of a society, it places the human creature on equal footing with the socialized human presenting an experiential metaphor for society equality.

Marginalia will premiere in fall of 2019. There will be work-in-progress showings leading up to the premiere.