Marginalia is two female bodies, intimate, impetuous. A scribbled commentary on the official text of subjectification and objectification, sexualization and desexualization, demonization and domestication.

Two women lift, work, sweat, and touch. Claiming the nuanced complexity of female rapport. Things that happen every day. Tiny revolts, unseen, unrecorded. Or a revolt upheld and enlarged by each witness.

Marginalia is committed to somatic equality. Valuing the impulses of cells and fluids as highly as the nervous system. Putting the human creature on equal footing with the socialized person. An experiential metaphor. If we would have equity between all elements of society can we start with equally valuing all aspects of the body?

The scrawl of marginalia
Centralize the marginal
The body inherently political
Women’s bodies a political battleground
A body is not a battleground
A body is a person

Marginalia premiered Oct 24, 25, 26, 2019 at Links Hall.

“both intimate and powerful”
See Chicago Dance

“rapid and unrelenting, fearlessly yielding to momentum… the gestures are gentle, yet alarming and incredibly exposed”
Chicago Reader

“one of the most powerful theatrical experiences I can remember”