A service based performance experience fulfilling a socially requisite and biologically exigent allogrooming need accompanied with self-care devised movement distractions focused to organize the nervous system, resolve conflicts, and contemplate power differentials all in the motile architecture of a possible post-pandemic convalescence environment.

as though your body were right (and the gentler world mistaken)

Embodiment means that we have power in the world. Embodiment means that we are vulnerable to each other.
The body is the emergence of a trillion cells. The nation is the emergence of a million bodies.
If the cellular could speak to the societal, what would it say?
It might look like this:
Four people entering into a room within a room, a micro-theater, a puppet theater.
Watching the cells of the body move like the murmuration of starlings.
A creature that would live on such a landscape, learning to crawl, learning to fly.
Calling it home.

These two works are being conceived as a performance diptych able to be viewed independently or as a double feature. They are being scheduled for provisional performances in the fall of 2020.

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