Marginalia is two female bodies enmeshed in intimate impetuosity, demarginalizing themselves in a theatrical space. This space of tender temerity often suppressed in the flourishing of women’s relationships is engaged as a reclamation of the aestheticized or exoticizing gaze. It is an invitation to explore the marginalized complexity of female rapport, the scrawled commentary of accord and dissent by women addressing the official text of subjectification and objectification, sexualizing and desexualized, demonizing and domesticating.

Allogrooming (working title)

Could dance be a service industry?
Can a project juxtaposing salon culture and dance bring to light the discrepancies between spending on the perceived necessity of salon services and the perceived extraneousness of art, and the power differential between consumer and provider in each case?
How does concert dance, an industry rife with unpaid and underpaid workers, parallel or differ from the salon service industry?
These are just a few of the questions that drive me to tackle this work.

as though your body were right (and the gentler world mistaken)

it is clear that the action of the thumbsucking child is determined by pleasure
this new technology of power over the body became reliant on the universal reign of the normative
humans break themselves in like animals, which means to say, dressage
not the self-awareness that arises from the frontal lobe, but which is the cells and fluids witnessing themselves

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