Julia & Jonathan are developing a new, as-yet untitled project. We don’t know what it will be. It is in a nascent, fragile space of infinite possibility and we are giving it space to breathe. There may be something about conversation, community, game-playing. There may be moments of crystallization, but mostly we’ll be leaning into the messy beginnings of being interested and curious about what a piece wants to be. This new unknown work is still rigorously refusing to be corralled. Currently, it explores moving and witnessing movement as a conversational act, how the emotional labor intrinsic to working together as artists might inform the material of the project itself, and the liminal space of friction and/or synergy between personal authenticity and attendance to and in accord with others.

Current Artists

Julia Antonick – choreographer/director/performer
Jonathan Meyer – choreographer/director/performer
Joe St. Charles – musician

Spring 2024 Intensive Development Artists

Chih-Hsien Lin – performer
Gina Hoch-Stall – performer
Enid Smith – performer
Hanna Swartz – performer
Emily Loar – performer
Tina Diaz – performer
Juli Farley – performer
John Jandernoa – performer
ChihJou Cheng – performer
Sierra Taylor – performer
Luke Greef – performer
Max Pope – performer
Joe St. Charles – musician