Khecari is an investigation-driven company with projects ranging from intimate to epic, sprawling to concise. We want to meet you in the process as well as at the shows. Engage with us in the inquiry, generation, development, editing, and performance of the work.


Creating live performance events is the core of what we do. Driven by inquiry and experimentation, we engage projects that can encompass multiple performance iterations and span years in development. Answerable to the specific needs of the work, Khecari crafts projects in a wide range of varying formats and contexts. From sited work to occurrences on stage, work-in-progress showings to invited workshopping of material, simple offerings in public space to fully produced performance events, this is where we want to meet you, in the work. Visit our calendar below for upcoming performances. For booking please contact us.


We have rehearsals at our Arts Partners in Residence locations: Revere Auditorium on Mondays and Wednesdays, and Indian Boundary Cultural Center on Tuesdays and Fridays. Depending on the timing of where we are in our production year, we might be experimenting with something new or making last minute decisions on a project we are about to present. We hold Open Rehearsals twice a year at each residency space where we show some of our rehearsal process along with some developed work. At the end of the Open Rehearsal the artists and the audience then have a chance to discuss the experience as a group. In addition we offer our monthly donors the ability to come to several rehearsals a year with a guest. Check out our calendar for scheduled events, and let us know if you would like to learn more about witnessing our rehearsal process.


We teach somatically grounded classes using improvisation to support technique. Sequencing proximal and distal initiation through weighted limbs, we work for clarity of choice in using release. Class starts with ample time structured to arrive fully through guided improvisation by awakening our senses, fluid presence and organ support, getting all the creaks out, tuning our coordination with somatic surprises and acknowledging the others we are sharing space with. We then enter a progression from simple choreography exploring our relationship with the floor to voracious and detailed movement through space, harnessing upright explosions into pathways down and through and excavating a space of messy precision and organic acuity. We lead a regular movement series, called MOTOR, at Indian Boundary Cultural Center and frequently pop up with workshops and classes in other locations. For current teaching schedule visit our calendar; for booking please contact us.


We like you. So we want to hang out with you more and get to know you. For some people, coming to our shows is the best way to do this. For others, coming to our dance classes works great. And for the rest of us, we have parties where we can chat about performance and also drink a cold one. During the parties we throw we’ll usually have a snippet of live performance from an upcoming event, show some video from past shows, give everyone an update on what we are up to and let you know how you can support those things coming to life. Check out our calendar to learn about the next party.


In our art-making, we have practiced an attention to questioning and re-thinking, to care in our crafting and integrity in our relationships. We seek to bring this same mode of attention to how we offer auditions. We mean to present them as a community offering, a free workshop that is a safe, respectful, and positive space. There are no numbers pinned on. There are no cuts. There are a lot of people dancing together in a room. It’s a chance to meet each other and learn a bit about how we like to move. We offer an audition each year regardless of our hiring needs. Be in touch with the Artistic / Executive Directors if you have questions.


We offer an internship that focuses on the administration and production management activities of a small project-based dance company. The program balances exploring the individual intern’s interests with the daily realities of running a nonprofit. We operate as a team in the office and believe in hard work and total respect for our workers (the intern is not a coffee lackey). Three hours per week for six months, the program offers direct mentoring with both Artistic / Executive Directors and hands-on experience in everything necessary to bringing the work to the stage, including grant writing, fundraising, marketing, graphic design, production management, and documentation. Interns also receive work-trade hours usable for classes or studio space. If you would like to apply, contact us.


We have volunteer opportunities ranging from ongoing needs of the company, understudying as a dancer for a project, to helping out with shows and special events. We also offer work-trade options if you would like to see a show and can’t afford a ticket. If you would like to volunteer in any of these capacities please be in touch.



23sepallday27Marginalia at Light BoxDetroit, MI


13octallday20nov6018|North ResidencyChicago, IL


13octallday20nov6018|North ResidencyChicago, IL


09jan(jan 9)10:00 am10(jan 10)5:00 pmKhecari Movement Intensive

11jan5:00 pm8:00 pmKhecari Audition


09marallday21Hambidge ResidencyRabun Gap, GA


24mayallday31Centrum Artist ResidencyPort Townsend, WA