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[The Retreat] is a decadent affair, but decadence with a purpose: to create a careful, safe, solid structure for cutting through to something stripped-down and elemental–that drowsy state at the edge of sleep, where the daytime exchanges keys with the darkness and stranger bits of information and awareness intersect with the known and familiar. Culture Rover

With “The Retreat,” Meyer and Antonick have once again productively, ingeniously messed with our environment and our senses to inform our thinking about what dance is and what it can be. Chicago Reader

What is wholly unique about “The Retreat” is that it gives us permission to fade in and out of attention… even, to fall asleep. See Chicago Dance

[Orders from the Horse’s] tiny, mesmerizing dramas resemble those of a live wildlife webcam…. Antonick and Meyer eddy and creep and flash across the stage; they challenge the limits of their prescribed space. Chicago Tribune

Chicago Tribune Theater Loop video feature of The Cronus Land

A harrowing journey to an uncertain mythical destination.  Chicago Tribune

There is a delicate balance between art for art’s sake and pure entertainment. Khecari somehow manages to find that balance every time. Art Intercepts

Thoughtful, beautifully crafted, it’s nevertheless no well-made dance but a radical experiment in theater.  Chicago Tribune

Khecari, one of Chicago’s most innovative dance groups. Chicago Tribune

Powerful, animalistic. Chicago Tribune

Khecari at the Dance Center. Chicago Tribune Dance Guide

Hedwig, The Seldoms and Khecari all find new ways to integrate smart design, fashion, original music, and live performance.  Dance Magazine

Antonick and Meyer are uncommon in that they set out with big goals and, more often than not, exceed them.
TimeOut Chicago

Watching Jonathan Meyer and Julia Rae Antonick tumble, flip, and wrestle through their intricate duet work is like riding a roller coaster without leaving your chair.
TimeOut Chicago

Exciting, fresh, rigorous, lucid, surprising and very, very difficult.

Lean, clean artistry.
Chicago Tribune

Totally drunken master tango, if there were such a thing.
TimeOut Chicago

Critic’s Choice
The Reader

Fascinating, magical, and eerie.

Astonishing and ingenious.

A wealth of contradictions and tensions… revelatory.

Julie Rae Antonick and Jonathan Meyer evoked a strange, original, deliciously schemed landscape of the mind.
Chicago Tribune

Intense, challenging and aggressive…. The dancing is top-notch and unlike anything else happening in the city. Meyer and Ballard have made a piece of dance cinema in the flesh.

Give Them Room
Timeout Chicago

Two decidedly serious dancers are teaming up for what promises to be gutsy, challenging, complex and thought-provoking.

The genius – and challenge – of Jonathan Meyer’s new piece is how thoroughly it creates and inhabits its own world. [It is] a tight, efficient, uniquely enlightening journey into the elemental.

Jonathan Meyer does not color inside the lines…. [He] specializes in brave, intelligent, self-challenging and audience-challenging work. His new ‘Y,’ the second in a series of three solos, is true to form.

This is a trio tormented by spasmodic chaos and tortured movement, characters of pain and lunacy, seemingly with little control over their own seizure-like gestures and creepy mini-dramas. It is also a world of high-octane danger [going] way beyond the typical art-house presentation of alienating abstract imagery. This trio is fast and scary, whirling in place or falling to the floor with an intensity that imperils their bones.
The Chicago Tribune

Not to be missed…. Meyer appears moved by a primordial force, at times shedding the chains of ego and anatomy in rapid hyper-fluidity, bouncing off the floor like an amoeba on a trampoline, then returning to reflective, mercurial moments of humanity.
NewCity Stage

It’s just lovely movement that you could sit back and watch and luxuriate in… it’s also an example of artists who are exploring their process and where their movement vocabulary is generated from and then how they’re transforming that into quite beautiful and engaging movement onstage.
Chicago Public Radio


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