Tend is one half of VICINITY DIPTYCH, and was developed in tandem with Jonathan Meyer’s project as though your body were right. These pieces were conceived as a performance diptych able to be experienced independently or as a double feature. Both works intend to significantly challenge the audience and simultaneously practice radical care for each attendee, inviting people into a safer space to delve into inherently uncomfortable but rewarding material.

Artists who have contributed to the project in the past are:

Maggie Vannucci – project discussion/main cast performer
Ali Lorenz – project development cast/project discussion
Phillip Wood – project development cast/project discussion
Jordan Reinwald – project development cast/project discussion
Kellyn Jackson – project development cast/project discussion
Jenn Freeman – project discussion/graphic development/project development cast
JmeJames – project discussion/project development cast
Precious Jennings – childcare
Jamila Kekula Kinney – project training/discussion
Jyreika Guest – project training/discussion
Francine Kelley – project training/discussion
Suzi Coates – project training/discussion
Jenny Oelerich – project discussion/project development cast
Charlie Vail – project discussion/project development cast
Maddy Joss – project discussion/project development cast
Amanda Maraist – project exploration
Ian Vecchiotti – photography/videography